Excited to be reading The Square and the Tower by Niall Ferguson, which arrived for me on Friday in the library. Can’t believe it has already been recalled so I only get it for two weeks!

Spent the morning installing Bitcurator with some success – the world of born-digital archiving is a vast and exciting and sometimes challenging terrain.

Working my way through my Hitofude cardigan knitting – made it to the waistband! I was inspired to use a few different colors of yarn (and also to use up some of my beautiful skeins of Madeline Tosh)



I just registered for Open Repositories in Bozeman, Montana. Very excited!!

Today was a rough one for dropping kids at February vacation week camp. They didn’t want to go, even though they were going on a field trip to a museum. Seems they would rather be home lounging around. I don’t blame them. It is a challenge to find fun activities and also to balance wanting to spend time with them and have enough vacation days saved up!

And, my glass bowl broke while I was heating my oatmeal this morning 🙁 a cheap purchase of what I thought was tempered glass. Not so much.

Spending time installing Scalar and investigating as a possible tool for use in our library with digital collections.


Today it is exceptionally warm. Tomorrow it may snow! Enjoying the soft warm air for now.

I am reading up on my PSOAs, which seem to be causing me pain. Really enjoying the Core Balance website. I’m also listening to David Goggins on Joe Rogan on my walk today, who incidentally talks a lot about his PSOAs and also facing fears.

Part of what is motivating me to write is in facing my own fears, my introvertedness on the web, which has been with me since the early days of blogging when I attempted as early as 2004. We’ll see.

Another motivation is exploring the ideas of the open web. In December I got to hear Herbert van de Sompel speak on this topic, and I’ve been inspired to try to curate my own digital identify.


It was a long weekend for me, and I forgot my coffee on the kitchen counter this morning! Good thing for emergency K-cups.

I saw Black Panther with my family this weekend. I really enjoyed it, especially the technology that is based on nature. Shuri was a hit with me and my daughters.

This morning I’m reading this CNI report on institutional repositories, as I mull over the questions and possibilities for us regarding our IR, our digital collections, and how to preserve all of that as well as our open access press materials.