A Friday Nor’easter today, mostly just rain, thanks to Dave Hayes I am fully aware of what is happening with the weather!

This morning I got to meet with the folks behind the New Books network, which is an incredible compendium of interviews between scholars about new books they’ve written. We got to talking about linked data, the future, the hope for a more open web, and how DOIs factor into that potential. Fingers crossed on the open web stuff…

I’m also happy with the progress on our new blog and webpage for our digital collections work. It is fun to see it turning into a real thing, and helping us in understanding and organizing the work we are doing!

This weekend I’ll be handing off a quilt that I’ve been working on for a while, and I’m excited about it. I used the quilt as you go method, which seems like it could also be a metaphor for a ‘live as you go’ method to being.

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