Today I did my first stand-up report in Slack for the start of our Islandora 7 research sprint. I even used Markdown to format it properly…

Excited to look at the possibilities with Islandora 7, and to think about how we can plan for migration to Islandora CLAW in the process.. we are late to the Islandora game but we are already playing in the linked data game so here’s hoping we can help with learning Islandora and migration paths to CLAW! Especially psyched from talking to my colleague at Vassar and seeing some of these great examples at Vancouver Public Library and Grinnell.

A friend pinged me about a pattern sale from a favorite sewing designer recently, and that has kicked off a number of big plans for me to do some sewing this spring. For my kiddos, and for me! Cheers to the makers in this world 🙂

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