Today I’m jumping in with the Gutenberg editor in WordPress, because I have very few posts on this blog so far, and I’d like to get comfortable with Gutenberg to help support the WordPress sites we manage in my job. So far the new editor reminds me of using Pagemaker and laying out the high school newspaper on paper in the 90’s, and replicates the experience of combining layout elements manually.

I’ve been thinking about how little time I have to make things, and that my appetite is way bigger than what I can do. I have three or four pants and dresses I want to make for myself. Several patterns for my kids with fabric ready to go. Those things fill up my mind and the dresser in my basement. 

Yet I’m trying to focus on the small accomplishments – spending 20 minutes a night on the painting I’ve been working on for months, which started as a drawing that sat for half a year, which came to me from discussing a dream my seven year old had about dolls and the world. The painting is evolving of course, in bits and moments. 

painting of female with wings
Still more to do, waiting to see what emerges!

I finished a sweater back in June, and wore it several times, but didn’t actually “block” it until last week. It now matches my painting, which tells me that I like these greens and burnt yellow and orange colors. I always wanted to make a sweater that reminded me of Sedona, and now I have it. Because I went to the WEBS sale two years ago, and because I love Madelinetosh, this sweater is a hodegpodge of colors. I love the shift to multicolored knits these days, and I love this pattern because it is one piece, and bit by bit it becomes an entire sweater.

Then, there is writing. And editing. And remembering the ideas. Some nights I find 1 minute to write. The minutes add up.

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