Wool witch

Meet my new cozy sweater which will be part of my Halloween costume: Enchanted Mesa by Stephen West. I used leftover MadTosh and Fibre Company yarns to create this stripey, geometric cropped sweater. Ravelry link

It was hard to make at parts – I had to ‘wrap’ my head around the yarn overs and short rows which help produce the swerving patterns in the sweater. The sweater hibernated for a while as I contemplated how long to make it, how to deal with the sleeves, how to manage the color scheme. I would pick it up here are there, and got distracted by a few other knitting projects along the way.

Something about the stripes and the purple and green really made me think: WITCH! And then I knew I wanted to finish it up for Halloween. A cozy sweater and a long black skirt are just the right uniform/costume for me for the spooky holiday. I feel like a wool witch – conjuring magical knitted creations imbued with intention, heart, and spirit. The best kind of witch – knitting together the loose ends to make something beautiful.